Will Getting Braces Change the Shape of My Face?

Getting braces is not something that most people look forward to. There are always concerns about whether or not getting them will make people look unattractive. Some individuals also worry about whether braces will be uncomfortable or cause pain. Beyond that, a lot of people wonder if having these orthodontic devices in their mouths will change the shape of their face. Here's what you need to know on this topic.

Issues With an Overbite or Underbite

Wearing these orthodontic devices can be used to correct both overbites and underbites, along with a number of other problems such as crooked teeth, deep bites, open bites, cross bites and even malocclusions. In these instances, braces will be used along with palatal expanders and bands, as the situation dictates.

People wonder if the shape of their face will change while they’re wearing braces. Once the overbite or underbite has improved, there will be a slight adjustment to the shape of the face, especially the lower section of it. This change in appearance is going to be more prominent when you're smiling, and the amount of change is based on the severity of the bite problem in the first place.

Issues with Palatal Jaw Expanders

A palatal expander is a device used by dentists to expand a person's upper jaw. This is particularly useful in situations where a patient needs to have his upper jaw widened so that both the lower and upper teeth will fit together nicely. While palatal jaw expanders have been more commonly used on children or adolescents, they have also been used with success on adults, though to a lesser frequency. Of course, a person's face will change slightly because the palatal jaw expanders make the upper jaw a little bit wider. Much of the time though, the facial changes are very subtle and won’t be noticed.

Issues With the Lips

Having braces might slightly alter the shape of your lips. However, the specific changes will vary from person to person. For example, it is not uncommon to experience a bit of drooping with the upper lip. Other people may notice that it is their lower lip that ends up appearing a little bit bigger from the braces. Of course, having anything fit over your teeth will make your lips appear somewhat bigger due to the effect of the orthodontic devices pushing out from the teeth.

Getting these orthodontic devices might change the shape of your face. However, these changes are usually very minor; usually only the wearer of the braces will notice a change! If you look in the mirror regularly and keep tabs on the specific shape of your face, you are more likely to notice these facial changes. The facial changes usually depend on what type of dental correction is being done. Individuals who are given braces to correct an overbite or an underbite are more likely to notice subtle changes to the shape of their face.

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