Look, I'm a Dentist. Why Blog?!

Dental marketing has changed; potential new clients are out there searching for you online right now. Can they find you?

Whether you’re a recent dentistry grad opening a new practice or a grizzled veteran who’s seen it all, you may wonder why a blogging service for dentists is necessary. Blogs are for poets and journalists, right? As it turns out, if you’re not blogging, you’re losing out on potential patient leads to other dentists who are more internet savvy.

Dentists used to be able to rely on referrals, the Yellow Pages and some minor advertising to supply them with a full patient load - but those days are over. Your prospective new patients are searching for you online with keywords such as "emergency dental work (city)", "dentist for children in (city)", "best root canal dentist near me", and so on and if your website isn't showing up in the search results, they don't even know you exist. Every blog post we create for you answers questions that your prospective new patients are searching for and provides an opportunity to capture them, leave an impression and convert them into new clients.

Consider each blog post as a "landing page" - and search engines like Google and Bing as your advertising source. If each post garners just ten hits a month, then after six months you're looking at a total of 6,000 additional visits to your website. While some posts will draw in more traffic and some less, if you're not blogging, you're drawing in zero. And that's not good.

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Here are the most common problems complaints tidbits that we hear from dentists that we work with:

I Don't Have Time to Manage All of This Marketing!

Of course you don't - you have a practice to run! Dentists already have enough to worry about with their patients' oral health, let alone having to deal with staffing, sales, marketing, bookkeeping and all the rest. If you or one of your team members are spending time writing the company blog, you're wasting time that could be put to better use elsewhere. Let us deal with the blog content development while you focus on running your practice and treating your patients.
As a dentist, you should be focusing on patient care.

I'm Fighting a War for New Patient Leads!

Wouldn't it be great if fresh business just walked in the door? The beauty of the internet is that it allows potential new patients to stumble across your website while searching and browsing around online - and you don't need to buy a single advertisement to have them showing up at your virtual doorstep. Every blog post will bring in local individuals searching for information, and once they're on your website they're an email or call away from conversion to a new client.

My Dental Marketing Consultant Doesn't Handle Blogging!

If you're already working with a dental marketing consultant, it's likely that they don't handle blogging - or if they do, they're outsourcing it to a professional content development team (like us) and marking our prices up. You can work with us independently or refer us to your consultant, and we will work in tandem with them to accomplish your online marketing and new patient lead generation goals. We're happy to become part of the team of professionals working to ensure that your practice is at the top.
Ahhh, consultants...
The bottom line: if you want your dental practice’s marketing strategy to be firing on all cylinders, your blog needs to have well-written, up-to-date content. Your potential new patients are searching the Internet for a dentist. Will they find you? Let us show you how we can make your dentistry website the top spot in town.

Contact us today, and we’ll set you up with a custom-tailored blogging solution in just a few minutes.

If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.

~Mark Twain, Marketing Genius

How We Help You

Let's face it: you're too busy to spend your time blogging. We'll take care of everything.


We work together to determine which topics to cover and which questions to answer through your blogging efforts.


Your blog posts are written by subject matter experts including students and hygenists, and edited by our professional editing team.


Every blog post we write comes with fully licensed high-resolution stock images which look incredible.


We even handle uploading your blogs to your website and scheduling your blog posts.

Here's What It Costs

You pay a single monthly rate to completely outsource your blog. What's not to love about that?

Our pricing plans are meant to be as simple and straightforward as possible. All of our plans come with custom-tailored blog post content (500-600 words per blog post), licensed stock images, on-page formatting and uploading to your website, WordPress or other blog management system.

One of the most frequently asked questions about our pricing is "What difference does it make to upgrade my plan and get more blog posts?" The answer: Each blog post is a "landing page" where prospective new patients can find the information they’re after. More blog posts means more opportunities for prospects to click through from a search engine to your website, where they can be converted into new clients. You can share these blog posts on your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, generating even more traffic.

Consider this: if each blog post brings in 10 hits per month, then with The 30 Post Plan your website will see more than 6,300 new visitors over a 6 month span. Some posts will perform better than others, but without a doubt, more is more. Here are our monthly blogging packages:

The 10 Post Plan
  • 10 Blog Posts per Month
The 15 Post Plan
  • 15 Blog Posts per Month
The 20 Post Plan
  • 20 Blog Posts per Month
The 30 Post Plan
  • 30 Blog Posts per Month

As you can see, working with DentalBloggers.com is very affordable... so what's your excuse for not having brand new blog content on your site? Contact us today and we'll get things started.

Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; instead, make the iron hot by striking.

~William B. Sprague

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